*NEW* Metal Bookmarks


$14.99 Was $22.00


Limited run of metal bookmarks of the nine elements!*

Need to save yourself from unconsciously dog-earing a page? A shiny metal book will catch your eye and remind you to keep that cherished book of yours unblemished.  These won't crinkle or wear like most bookmarks, and while tough, each is thin enough to easily and unobtrusively meld and become one with your book like a zen master meditating in the woods or a snake in the grass.  Level up your book game from those measly paper pretenders and go metal - go hardcore for your hardcover - (TM The Ronin Saga).

Totally sold but need a reason to keep reading? Then that's not all...

Walking home alone and only have your book? This metal bookmark will work as a makeshift shank as well incase anyone is envious of your shiny cover and wants to pilfer your copy of The Knife's Edge.**

Also they look cool.  

*Limited run of 100 - each are numbered and signed.

**Don't try this.