Bastion of Sun *Signed* (Book Three)


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From #1 Amazon bestselling author Matthew Wolf, Bastion of Sun, Book Three of The Ronin Saga, continues the immersive fantasy epic that The Knife's Edge and Citadel of Fire began.

In the world of Farhaven, Gray, Ayva, Darius, and Zane, are on the cusp of banding together the Ronin and proving to the world (that believes the name Ronin synonymous with death and destruction), that they are different... only to be torn and set on different, dark paths by an insidious evil.
Gray must travel alone with Darius to stop a rising sickness within him - to find Faye and fulfill the bloodpact that threatens to end his life.  But time is running thin and their journey to Vaster might have cost them the time needed to return, if he can find the enigmatic Faye, and if she even wants to be found.
At the same time, Ayva must travel with Zane and Hannah to find a sword of sun - the legendary missing blade that started a war that broke the world and cast the name of "Ronin" to infamy.  Within the great city of Sun, a sickness rises, tied to the missing blade.  Time runs thin.  The blade must be returned or great city and inhabitants will die. It's up to Ayva, but the Ronin are without their leader, and friend.
And forces conspire - Gray's journey is perilous and Ayva's hangs upon a thread.  Will light prevail or will the darkness swallow the City of Sun and the Ronin with it?
This product includes:
-Bastion of Sun Hardcover (A signed and autographed edition by the author on the inner pages)
-Elemental Bookmarks
-A thank you!


  • "The author has created a convincing world full of legends, history, and magic. For those who enjoy epic fantasy and quest novels but are a little tired of the same old elves/dwarves/humans band together storyline--this is a nice change in the fantasy genre in that it brings something new and interesting." - E. Lucas, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer
  • "Wolf has created a richly detailed, complex fantasy universe populated by intriguing characters who will continually surprise readers throughout the briskly paced tale... This is a strong, confident fantasy novel, [and] an impressive, page-turning adventure for fans of the series." - KIRKUS REVIEWS
  • "Wolf has done a good job of bringing his world into its own..." - Cat Fitzpatrick, FANTASY BOOK REVIEW
  • ★★★★★ "... Wolf continues to grow as a writer, to develop his own distinct style and to separate himself from the rest of the genre.  If he continues his rapid growth, I would not be surprised to see him become one of the best fantasy writers of his generation." - Eduardo Aduna, (Five Stars) READERS' FAVORITE REVIEW