Ronin Story Final Age 2

In their quest for power and land, a wake of treachery and depravity seeps from every household, filling the once-safe streets of the great Kingdoms. Thrones disappear within the night and the elemental beings, Dryads, sprites and giants that once flourished throughout the lands, vanish almost entirely. Bountiful kingdoms like Menari and Tegard are left desolate, burning in the high sun. Men are twisted, turned to shells of their former selves, as others wander the lands, hollow and bedraggled.

In this time, the elves rise to stop the tide of darkness, stepping out of their sacred forest, Eldas. Yet even they find themselves quickly outnumbered as their lands dwindle. Their forest and plains kindred soon fall to annihilation, and it seems all is lost as the might and greed of the human kingdoms encroach from all sides, and the power of the shadowy city is too much.

In a last attempt to slow destruction, before they retreat into their magical woods, the elves construct a great wall, a Gate that divides the lands—Farhaven, a land of magic, from Daerval, the land devoid—all in an attempt to keep the power of the three kingdoms at bay. But the corruption is too deep, and the power of the dark kingdom is too great.

All is feared lost.

In this moment, a figure arrives, some say from the far east, beyond the Burai Mountains, crossing through the endless deserts, while others say from the west, appearing over the water, walking without ship or sail. Yet nine men follow at his side. The robed stranger is greeted in fear, yet wandering, desolate souls begin to follow his steps, a light entering their hollow eyes as more flock to his side in droves. With a legion of the lost at his side, the robed figure makes his way across the land—in his wake, wars are halted, and armies part by his mere presence. And for a moment, even the dark cities halt their plotting in curiosity.

Seeking the leaders of the nine, true Great Kingdoms, the figure presents an offer. A gift of nine magical swords in return for a binding oath—an oath that binds the nine men who follow him as the rightful bearers of the swords, and the right-hand men to the future kings and queens. Moreover, he imparts a prophecy that must be engraved within each city for all to see for all time:

Upon the fires,
The Ronin ride,
Their tale to sing,
One of pride.
But mark this tale,
For all will fall,
With the Kage’s Call--
Pride will twist to fear.
The Return to come,
To cast all in burning red--
Yet one to see through scarlet lens,
With sword of gold, upon the Gate must hold.
To fight the Crowns;
The dark citadel;
And the men who are not
What they appear to be.
At last, to lead the Nine all as One,
Against the Giants whose strength is won,
There is no hope ‘gainst peerless beings--
Yet the weapon true stills rests
To unsheathe the light of sanctity.

In return, the robed man promises their rule, along with the oath, will end the rebellion through the land and silence the three dark cities.

The Kings, men of reason, and at their wits’ end, quickly concede. Word spreads of the binding pact, and the people of the land, filled with hope, return to the cities, and soon the dark whispers that once plagued every ear are snuffed; then, with the nine men at their side, the Nine Kingdoms band together with all their forces, and ride to war to quell the treacherous dark three. The battle is fierce, but with the Ronin at their side, the tide is swiftly turned. The world rejoices as the great kings burn the evil cities to the ground, and leave the dark war machines to rot in the open sun, never to speak of them again.

Peace ensues, and the nine men who bear the magical swords are deemed the rightful heroes, sung on every bard and minstrel’s tongue, from every low tavern to royal inn. They become the peacekeepers of men, elf and all other kind, known by one name only…

The Ronin.

Several years pass, and some attempt to revert to their old ways of greed and injustice, though each is dealt a swift retribution, and at the hand of the Ronin who storm the cities to the throne and dispatch the head of any ruler, be it King, or Queen who attempt to threaten the peace of the land. Soon they are no longer men, but legends larger than life.

In this moment, peace is found, and the age is deemed the Final Age, and as the era ensues, all seems destined to live in peace forever. Yet, the pain and sorrow, not long behind them, threatens to rise again as all things are destined for change…