Ronin Story Final Age 1

The Final Age

“Red stains the ground and orange lights the heavens under the fires of war.” - Prophet Everias, the third Elvin seer, Queen to Termias the Wise
“Gold is red and greed is God.” - An Ancient Proverb of the Second Age

In the Second Age, Daerval is a world on the brink of ruin. Chaos and corruption rides on the seven winds—from the sprawling cities, to the vast, nearly uninhabited wilds, the lands churn in turmoil as the Twelve Kingdoms vie for power and dominion. Nine of the twelve, called the Great Kingdoms, are Cities as ancient as time, bearing the sigil of old, one of the nine elements—wind, water, fire, flesh, stone, tree, metal, moon and sun. Yet the Nine struggle to hold their dominion as three new kingdoms rise to power. Using deception, they align themselves with a mysterious power, a dark and nameless city that rises from the ashes of war.