Character Zane

Shade Among the Lost Ones

Zane is a fiery young man with a knack for getting in trouble. He is also known as Shade among the Lost Ones, a group of downtrodden men and women that live in the sewers beneath Farbs, the city of fire, called the Underbelly. Zane helps these unfortunate souls, stealing from the greedy and malicious thief group known as the Darkeye Clan. Zane is also pushed by a fierce love and protection for his little sister Hannah. Though he has seen a world of depravity, he views his sister's innocence and purity as precious and rare like a drop of water in the desert and therefore willingly sacrifices his own morality to safeguard hers. In the end, while ire always stirs in Zane's veins, his burning rage is almost inevitably used for good. When Gray, Ayva, and Darius discover Zane in the dark warrens of the Shadow's Den their fates become bound as one.