Character Seth

Ronin of Fire

Fourth most powerful, Seth is the Ronin of fire. His home is Farbs, Great Kingdom of Fire. Known for having a very passionate, sometimes unpredictable disposition, Seth is the most reckless and brash of the nine. However, he is also loyal, a staunch defender of those in need, and a nearly completely self-sacrificing individual--to a fault. He has taken a blade for a brother twice as many as any other Ronin. He also boasts the loudest.

In one story, a King had been traitorous against the other kingdoms, and according to the Three Rules, the nine Ronin met to dispatch the king and put a honest monarch in his place. But when they arrived, Seth instead challenged the king to a drinking contest. The king accepted, but when they sat to the table, Maris leaned in, smelling a foul herb in the wine, and warned Seth his drink was poisoned. Seth waved him away and began the contest. He drank and drank out of the poisoned chalices, matching the king's untainted drinks, one for one, until the cups piled high on the wide feasting table. At last, the traitorous monarch keeled over. Having drunk too much, he died from simple alcohol poisoning, rather than the fatal weed.

Seth has flame-red hair with streaks of blonde. His face is angular and hard, his eyes like fire brands, thus his name.

Nicknames: Firebrand, The Temper Weapon: Fuer (Sword) Power: Fire Great Kingdom: Farbs Traits: Fiery, Loyal