Character Omni

Second-In-Command, Ronin of Sun

Omni is the second-in-command, the second most powerful Ronin, and threader of sun. Omni's home is Vaster, the shining jewel and Great Kingdom of Sun. Known to cut to the heart of matters, to speak the truth, to quell rebellions with word alone, and to be a beckon of light and hope that rallies the Ronin as one nearly better than any, Omni is a forced to be reckoned with.

The Ronin of sun holds a mystery; however, as Omni's face is always covered in a white shroud that hides all but cold blue eyes and wisps of blonde hair. Lithe of build, and graceful as Hiron in all his water-forms, the sun Ronin has a way with words, for Omni is adverse to unnecessary violence. But if words are not enough, the Ronin of Sun will be one of the first to do what needs to be done.

Nicknames: The Right Hand, The Truthseeker, Truthspeaker, Lightbringer Weapon: 'The Stolen Sword', 'The Nameless Blade' (Sword) Power: Sun Great Kingdom: Vaster Traits: Truth, Love, Strength of Heart and Mind, Dedication, Focused