Character Mura

The Charming and Mysterious Hermit

Mura is a charming, but irascible hermit of unknown age. He lives in a cabin in the middle of Lost Woods where Gray, lost and bewildered, stumbles upon him.

Mura is wiry with thick gray brows and an often stern, heavily-lined face. His black hair is peppered with white and he sometimes pulls it back into a knot. He wears forest colors and soft leather boots suitable for stealth.

Having lived with the elves in Eldas, Mura is full of his own secrets and mysteries and holds abilities from beyond the gates. He appears old and young at the same time - strangely spry and strong for his aged appearance; he is also fluent in many strange languages, and cultures, and has surprising skill with a blade and staff. He also has a curious connection with Karil, the Elvin queen.

Mura befriends Gray early on and treats the young man like a son, teaching him all he knows. He is propelled by a sense of duty towards his sister, a prophet. Mura will stand in the center of the storm to do what is necessary for the sake of Daerval and the boy, knowing that he will be at the heart of it all.