Character Maris

Ronin of Leaf

Maris is the third most powerful, and the Ronin of leaf. His home is Eldas. Maris feels connected to all things living, but mostly the woods--the bark and leaf, the earth and root, and all things that grow from the ground. He can manipulate nature, an element that is almost as ever-changing and yet constant as the wind.

Stories often tell of his escapades and habit for finding trouble due to his brash wit combined with his love of gambling and general mischief-making. But an equal talent and reputation for getting out of it with his silver-tongue. Though not as notorious as Omni and Kail's relationship, his and Kail's bond was rumored to be a near brotherhood. In a few stories Maris is called 'the left hand of Kail' to Omni's right. His humor is his most common attribute in the tales of old--making jokes whether by the fireside or the middle of losing battle, giving the Ronin a bright light even in their darkest hours. Maris' pure white hair that sticks up like a burning flame.

Nicknames: The Trickster, King-Slayer, The Left Hand of Kail Weapon: Masamune (Sword) Power: Leaf Great Kingdom: Eldas Traits: Wit, Loyalty, Ambitious, Lover, Reckless, Trustworthy