Character Kail

Leader of The Ronin, Ronin of Wind

More fable than man, Kail is the most powerful of the Ronin and the threader of wind. His home is Morrow that sat upon the windy cliffs Ren Nar that overlooked the world, but were rumored to be destroyed or 'vanish' into the winds during the war. Kail, like the wild, untamable wind, was once the balancer of all the Ronin. However, stories claim Kail betrayed his fellow brothers and turned his back on the world. Rumors say he now drifts, a husk of a being, destroying crops with blights, killing those who stray too far into the night, stealing children, and reeking havoc as a threadbare wanderer.

Kail is rumored to be taller the most with graying hair pulled back into a braid and eyes that glow.

Nicknames: The Betrayer of Men, The Wanderer Weapon: Morrowil (Sword/Other) Power: Wind Great Kingdom: Morrow Traits: Strength. Honor, Duty, Power Dark Traits: Power