Character Hiron

Ronin of Water

Fifth most powerful of the Ronin, Hiron is one with all things water. Though he is tranquil and flows like a brook in a quiet meadow, the Ronin of water can be equally as crushing as a tidal wave, and as sharp a jagged ice if provoked; usually due to harm of a fellow Ronin or the abuse of the less fortunate. Though he is quiet, or perhaps because he is quiet, his words ring loudly amongst his brethren. Though he is calm, he was once considered restless in his past. His home is Seria with the everfalls, great waterfalls, that pour from heavenward clouds into thousands of lakes in a city of green.

However Seria became one of the Lost Kingdoms in the war, its people torn from their home. The people of water now reside in Median, the Great Kingdom of Water on the ocean, or in the smaller offshoot named the Shining City, a city of Ice. They have promised to return home one day.

Hiron has thin streaks of cobalt in his hair, and blue-ice for eyes. Unlike the muscly Baro or Seth, or even Kail, Hiron is slender of stature, fastidious in his composure, and his voice and body move with water-like grace.

Nicknames: Stormbearer, Wrath of the Heavens Weapon: Calid and Ladir (Daggers) Power: Water Great Kingdom: Seria/Median Traits: Calm, Reason, Wisdom