Character Gray

A Young Hero With a Dark Past

“…covered in blood, his tattered clothes sodden and wet, the young man shivered as light and vision filled his mind. It was as if he was finally waking from a long, dark dream. Slowly, he looked down. A blade rested in his wet, shaking hands, and blood ran from it. In the half light seen through the dark canopy, the sword gleamed, a magical hue of silver and azure. Slowly, the man remembered... ‘Gray,’ he whispered his name aloud just as thunder cracked, the word lost beneath the raging storm. Then, one step at a time, heart racing, Gray crossed beneath the canopy, and into the forbidden woods….”

Gray is a young man of seventeen with a mysterious past. Though he has forgotten much, what Gray can remember seems to only cause more questions—he has talent with a sword and staff, strange memories of people and grand, faraway lands.

Currently, Gray lives in the Lost Woods with an irascible hermit named Mura, who is much like a father to him. He finds solace in training, wielding the sword, the last of his possessions along with a tattered gray cloak. The sword is a part of his first real memory, a dark recollection of a cold night covered in blood, and he feels it is the key to understanding his past.

Tall, broad-shouldered, with jaw-length brown hair and dark green eyes, Gray is handsome, but bears a darkness that seems to trail him like a shadow, while the sword is always at his side. He befriends Darius and Ayva and they become close friends. He is glad that there are those who see him as normal, and who care little of his past.

Yet still, Gray’s heart churns in unrest, as he desires to unravel his forgotten past, to know who he once was… Gray is driven by the need to not only solve his past, but to understand his sudden, mysterious connection with the legendary Ronin, the storied betrayer’s of mankind.