Character Darius

The Wiry Gambler

Darius is a wiry young man of seventeen who, at the start of the book, lives in Lakewood. Darius is perhaps most well-known for his love of gambling, a skill he holds no modesty about. Luck seems to surround him, yet some suspect that his success can be attributed to his quick hands and quicker tongue. Despite this, however, he is smart and good with numbers. At one time, in his early childhood, he was apprenticed for the local blacksmith. The man beat Darius brutally and eventually the boy fled.

For the most part, the townspeople view Darius as a rogue and scoundrel—a reputation he prides. And with his always-disheveled brown hair, charming looks, and worn clothes, he looks the part. Though known by all, Darius deep down feels the part of a loner, and he secretly strives to be a part of something more. Darius’ mother was a seer before she died, and many of the townspeople were frightened of her, though Darius loved her deeply. After she died, with most of the town ill at ease with the seer’s boy, he was adopted by his mother’s friend, the affable Sophie who runs the well-known tavern called the Green Bull. Not much is known about Darius’ father, and he never knew him. Darius has never been able to rely on anyone, which has made him a survivor. He is drawn to Gray because Gray is also an outsider, and he treats Darius with more respect than most. Gray does not stereotype him like the others, and he gives Darius a purpose. And because of that, Darius would likely follow him anywhere, and when Lakewood burns to the ground, he does.