Character Dared

Ronin of Moon

Mystery like a moonless night surround the Ronin who never speaks. Though it is Aundevoria and Omni that pull the truth and deliver the verdict of death or life, it is Dared who often deals the final blow, decaptiting unruly kings or queens. He is often called death in the shadows.

The Silent Ronin's appearance is mostly rumors, but most descriptions include black hair, slicked back, with starkly bright, pale skin.

His home is Narim, Great Kingdom of Moon, a vast subterranean gem of a kingdom with a warren turquoise blue canals. Narim is a kingdom that is not lost, but has become a nefarious rat's den for thieves and murderers with no proper ruler in the age after the Lieon.

Nicknames: The Shadow, The Silent Ronin Weapon: No-named Bladed Staff Power: Moon Great Kingdom: Narim Traits: Killer, Loyal