Character Baro

Ronin of Metal

The Ronin of Metal was said to be a quiet bearer of duty. His home, Yronia, was a place of wealth and great power due to its weapon and armor making. Some say this corrupted Baro's heart with greed, that steel was not a natural element like the other Ronin; other stories said that the giant was always the Ronin's greatest weapon of virtue alongside Aundevoria; whatever the case, the Ronin of Steel's enemies trembled before him.

A giant of a man with a bluff attitude, yet Baro's uproarious laugh and booming voice was said to make mountain side's quiver.

Nicknames: The Bull, Slayer of Giants Weapon: Skullbreaker (Hammer) and Fillis (Sword) Power: Metal Great Kingdom: Yronia Traits: Loyal, Strong