Character Ayva

An Adventurous Daughter

Ayva is the sixteen year old daughter of an innkeeper, a well-respected man in the town. Ayva’s mother died only a year ago so Ayva must help her father run The Golden Horn. She is a tremendous help to her father, because she’s smart and responsible and is not intimidated easily. She’s tomboyish, and sassy with vivid green eyes. She keeps a sort of motherly eye on Darius and is intuitive with strangers. She has a strong curiosity and sense of adventure, but her sense of duty to her father overrides these. She fantasizes about what lies outside Lakewood and her imagination is fed by all the books she reads.

Because she’s so busy and has so many responsibilities, she hasn’t had time for romance. She views Darius as a rude, but harmless young man that flirts with the other barmaids. She’s intrigued, but not afraid of Gray. His presence provides a link to the outside world that she so often dreams about.