Character Aurelious

Ronin of Flesh

The Ronin of Flesh is a man who takes pleasure in action and is decisive to a fault. His powers are devious and unimaginably clever--from controlling another's limbs, to even their mind, Aurelious finds a way to get what he wants when he wants. However, he has a good heart, like his brother, if entirely opposing viewpoints of how to go about it. Aurelious loves his brother, loves his land, and loves his fellow Ronin, but represses his humanity, and would take those truths to the grave.

Ironically, he is known as a man 'of the flesh', and stories say he has a reputation for women, and other sensual natures.

Hooked nose, gaunt of cheek, but with kind eyes, Aurelious is an intimidating Ronin to gaze upon and always finds his version of the truth.

Nicknames: The Confessor Weapon: The Bone Blade (Sword) Power: Flesh Great Kingdom: Covai Traits: Clever, Devious, Intelligent, Truthful