April 01, 2015

Papa's Got a Brand New Look

Hey all and welcome!

After lots and lots of work, the brand-spanking fancy-pantsy new site is here.  (My most sincere apologies to book three.)

Is it good? It's great.  The best thing since sliced bread.  Actually, who's THAT lazy that sliced bread is the best innovation they've ever seen... Cotton gin?  Guttenberg printing press? Let's just settle that it's awesome and go from there.  What's new?

  • The Shop - Shop till you drop with the coolest new Ronin Saga swag, from signed copies, to engraved rings, to the coolest darned' pendants this side of the Silvas River
  • Blog - This is it.  You're reading it.
  • Meet The Characters - Heck ya you can.  Meet the infamous Ronin ;) Soon I'll be updating stories about their legends, some perhaps more fact than fiction, and visa versa.
  • Potato - That is not a part of the site, but I'm testing your reading comprehension.  
  • Plus - lots of cool new artwork, new short stories, VLOGS on writing advice and how I maintain my girlish figure, and plenty of other goodies to come...

Without further ado, browse the new site and enjoy your stay... 

I must now return to my hermit hole to write, once more.


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