September 04, 2014

Stumbling Across Emotions... I mean poems. Yeah...

In the midst of book two's release and all that hype, I found a simple poem I thought I should share with you all because... Why not, right? My take on poems: Poems can be powerful, but they can also be equally "meh."  Like water, scalding at the right temperature, lukewarm at another. However this affects you? Answer: know I'll be dreadfully sad if you don't love it so much you print it out and snatch it to your chest.  I mean... Uh... What do I mean? Who knows? Wait... The poem does.  Okay, okay, I'll end this silly post with this: breath and enjoy the present... and go buy book two, cause' it's out now and good books are an escapism never underestimated.

italic poem

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