August 26, 2014

Matt's Timeline

Greetings! Sorry for the slight absence... Ya'know, book two and all that jazz. Anyway, thought I'd post a fancy shmancy Timeline (and by fancy I mean awfully rendered in mac paint) for you all to see what I'm working on... It's fairly un-fleshed out, but it gives a nice bare-bones template for what's to come and what I spend my days doing aside from making sweet-a** paper airplanes. I promise to post a more in-depth breakdown of tour dates, including conventions across the US, over a dozen local schools and libraries, and much more.  Also, if you're a kickstarter backer, be ready for your hardcovers soon to come, *and know I'm warming up my pipes for the audiobook also on the horizon...! Your ever-eccentric neighborly author, Matt *Note to self: Turns out it's hard to do female voices... So if Ayva sounds like Mickey Mouse, that's not... quite... accurate.  I'll look for a female voice replacement soon, until then I'll joyfully squeak away.


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