July 23, 2014

We did it! Also... Book two

Gah, sorry for the crazy delay... To use a bland summary, sometimes life gets crazy.  And sometimes as we all know full well that when you pour your heart and soul into something, another thing takes the hit.  Well, that's you poor ole' bloggy.  I put you out to pasture the past two months, but luckily you're a phoenix in disguise! So welcome back! *Cough ahem* Well, kind of...  I wouldn't say we're exactly reborn from the ashes in full scarlet plumage, but I'm here to fill you in on a few things happening on The Ronin Saga front! First, book two is almost out! Second, lots of amazing conventions planned, including but not limited to but these are FULLY confirmed!:

  • EMERALD CITY COMIC CON (Oregon) March 2015
  • SAN DIEGO COMIC CON (Uh... San Diego *THIS SUNDAY, OMG!*) July 2014
  • HEROES CON (South Carolina) 2015
  • C4 (Ventura/Santa Barbara Comic Con *MY FAVORITE!* September 2014
  • COMIKAZE run by Stan Lee (LOS ANGELES) 2014
  • .... AND MORE!  TBD
Expect more pictures like this... 10259922_10152060255737816_1917058305455559505_n   Otherwise, and on a slightly more important note, book two's cover is out and the release date is set for August... Only weeks away for the sequel to the Amazon Fantasy Bestseller, The Knife's Edge! Here's your sneak peak!  Get ready to spread the word and let's make this book even bigger and better than it's predecessor because truly (and no bias here) it's pretty darn good. CoverArt_Citadel_ebook   Best, Matt p.s. Much more to come! Also oh ya, we reached over $5,000 on Kickstarter thanks to you all!  Thanks my dearest, awesomest Roninites! Check it out! Back To Ronin Saga Blog