January 13, 2014

Traveling and the Book Tour

I love traveling.  Who doesn't? Well, perhaps not the act of traveling itself.  Incidentally, which I actually also enjoy.  Perhaps it's the slipping off my shoes or being frisked, but more likely it's the feeling of a start of an "adventure."  Just like any good book, cracking open that cover and diving into a new world, traveling is the same way... What's all this about you may ask?  Am I going to Tahiti?  Perhaps Bonaire or the Turks and Caicos Islands?  Nope.  But with the book tour announced we've expanded our vision... So here's the update, but stay tuned as it changes daily:


  • Jan - Cal Comic Con
  • Feb 8 - Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
  • Feb 22 - CCA Writer's Conference (round dos!)
  • March 1-3 - STAPLES (Austin, Texas)
  • *Solana Beach Library
  • March 10 - Earl Warren Middle School
  • *Del Mar Library
  • March 14 - Barnes and Noble
  • April 25-27 - Chicago Comic Con C2E2 (Big one, super excited for)
  • May - Denver Comic Con
  • October 6 - NEW YORK COMIC CON!  (Not sure for yet, but looks promising, and I couldn't be more stoked)
  9889_375975272519293_1554402265_n With luck, book two "A Golden Flame" should be out before it all wraps up... But if not, that might be even better as we generate fans and friends along the tour trail and promise to come back bigger and better.  I have a few friends joining me or meeting me along the way at some of these, but mostly this is a solo venture... And for both I'm super excited to put it simply.  We've been in the top 5 on Amazon, and climbing in sales, fingers crossed for the Ronin Saga to only grow as we reach deeper into the series... Much thanks for all your support and hope to see you and have you be apart of this growing venture and adventure. Sincerely, Matthew Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog