December 11, 2013

An Escape Rope

For my first book, The Knife’s Edge, I had to see it. If I can’t feel, hear, taste or visualize it, then on how earth can I expect the reader to? And while this still holds true for the most part, something else has happened.  I’ve begun to crave writing pitfalls with no end in sight… even writing that phrase feels treacherous. Now when I write I’m blind to what’s going to happen and I love it. By putting your character in a situation with no easy ending, I can promise your reader will not be able to predict ‘what happens next.’  Of course, there are often easy outs to this: a deus ex machina ending where a savior magically appears.  Or better yet, simply not having an out, i.e. killing that character (we all know that’s worked wonders for George R.R. Martin!)  Of course... Continued here... guest post

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