December 02, 2013

Tai Chi and Book Tour

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  Well it was two weekends ago now? But I've been fairly busy.  Suffice it to say, doing Tai Chi on the main stage in front of four hundred kids was a blast, but talking with them in person?  Well it was equally awesome for lack of a better word.  Those kids are not only incredibly smart, but have a ravenous hunger to make a difference in the world that you can only admire (As for me, I think I was just playing video games at that age...). Not to mention, meeting dozens of amazingly talented and inspirational speakers and presenters including my buddy Derick Tsai of Magnus Rex (check out his stuff!). Otherwise, short and sweet on this post, lots of book two stuff to do.  Oh ya and see below for book tour and don't forget to get your copy of The Knife's Edge if you haven't already while it's sale for this next month for only 99 cents! Much heart, your neighborhood eccentric author, Matthew Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog