November 29, 2013

Book Tour Announced!

It's official!  With the success of recent signings and topping the top 4000 of ALL kindle books on Amazon, The Ronin Saga is going on tour before book two is released.


Here's some dates and events sure to come:
  • January 26th - Cal Comic Con
  • March 1st-2nd - STAPLES (Austin)
  • And many libraries and bookstores...
  Tentative dates:
  • June 13-15 - Denver Comic Con
  • April 13/14 - SPACE [Small press alternative expo] (Ohio)
  • April 25-27 - Chicago Comic Con
  • June 20-22 - Heroes Con (Charlette, NC)
    Otherwise, what's unique about this "tour", is that we'll be mimicking the in-person signings and events with an online blog tour, doing guest posts, interviews and more to spread the word of the Saga.  It should be a lot of fun, and hopefully that will balance out the resulting chaos and stress *fingers crossed*. So stay tuned for more information! Sincerely, Matt Back To Ronin Saga Blog