November 20, 2013

TEDx, Rainbow Onesies, and The Knife's Edge at $0.99

Ahem!  Hello!

*Clears throat vigorously once more and tightens his eyeblindingly bright multihued 'power tie'*  Oh I sound different you say?  *Adjusts his monocle and wiggles his pipe in his mouth* Is my voice the husky rasp of authority?  Oh this tie?  It's nothing, just a tie with enough rainbowy brightness to blind a small child or cornish game hen. What's that you say?  Brightness has no effect on the size and or bearing of a person, small game or otherwise?  Well well, clearly, you're mistaken.  This tie means business, and you simply don't understand what it means to be a businessman... perhaps you underestimate just HOW bright this tie truly is. imgres See? Bright.  AND it matches my stylish new "Business" phone-cover.  Alllllll business baby. imgres-1   What am I rambling about as per usual? The Ronin Saga is officially legit!  Ah ha!  Ferraris and yacht-islands here we come!!  ......... Oh ...... No......? Again you inform me that I'm mistaken?  Oh.  Yeah, guess business=/=money.  Alas, we can still afford a yacht, albeit a very small one; some may even call it a dingy, but that's just slang for jealousy.  Yacht jealousy.

So aside from a fancy new credit card that's calling my name to buy some "business" rainbow onesies (but seriously, this needs to be made into an adult size, STAT), all is pretty much the same with the Saga.  Oh, that and The Knife's Edge has been re-released for .99 cents.



I'd highly recommend checking that out for a holiday gift or just a gift for yourself, because hey, you deserve it.  And honestly, this is quite the steal of a deal, and it's only going to last for another month or so until: January 1st 2014. Otherwise, I'm doing TEDx on Saturday at CCA, but it'll be less about the book and more about extending my Tai Chi experience.  Here's one of the many shots taken of it last year of me making this girl very nervous regarding a move to throw her to the ground: 8230058349_c9b6990715_h   That's all for now!  Now go buy the book and tell your friends, .99 cents only! <3: Also don't forget Barnes and Noble signing this Friday the 22nd, 5-7 P.M. in Del Mar.  Hope to see you there for another great event, some fun signing, and an dismally unfortunate lack of rainbow onesies. Sincerely your ever-eccentric author, Matthew Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog