November 17, 2013

Healthy & Shameless


cheers! healthy eating for a healthy mind is my start to a day of writing… And by writing, I mean a day of shameless promoting

Good morning and cheers!

Eating healthy and working on spreading the word of THE KNIFE'S EDGE in preparation for book two's release in the upcoming months*. How's your morning?  Yeah?  That's fantastic.  And if not so fantastic, read on and perhaps I might have a small bit of advice for kickin' a** this fine morning. Tis' true that being healthy is more than just feeling good... Every time I do something good for myself it adds to a certain positive mindset; like a leg up that only propels me to do something a little extra with my day.  It goes a little something like this: "Hey, nice job eating healthy, Matt, but why have a green drink and then lounge around?  You know what is fun and good for you?  Ding ding ding, working out!"  Bah, okay, gym time.  In the shower my conscious strikes again.  "Hey, nice job at the gym AND eating healthy..."  Uh huh, thanks. At this point, I know where he/me is going with this.  "You know what goes great with feeling good physically?"  I narrow my gaze... inwardly?  Go on, I supply.  "Feeling good with the book.  Promotion isn't magic fairy dust, go do something." Now, I readily admit I already have an incessant, and sometimes possibly unhealthy drive to be "productive" with the book (but hey, there's worse things, right?).   However, doing something good for yourself can set off a 'chain reaction', and those chain reactions can become a habit.  An addictive habit even, and far more satisfying than those nasty ones; you may find yourself scrubbing your dishes clean after you come back from a jog, or putting in another hour on your work while sipping on a banana-whey-flax smoothie, or even meditating after a day of simply not stressing (hey, that's good for you too!).


So, with that in mind, start small, right now.  Go get something healthy, or throw on some running shorts and go for a jog**--I'll wait ;) Sincerely, Matthew Wolf *Tentative Deadline March 14, 2014 (1 year after Book One's Release!) **Or even pick up a book, hint hint nudge nudge!!    Back To Ronin Saga Blog