October 30, 2013

Silence is Golden... Sometimes

Guten Tag! Ah!  I was so good for so long, posting like... at least two maybe even THREE times a week?  Who was that?  A spirit, a divine muse?  And now this, alas...  Well, let it be known I'm back, and as the great Michael Caine once said: "Why do we fall, Bruce? So we learn to pick ourselves back up again." At the same time, I have been busy, and here's a few new bulletpoint updates:

  • The Knife's Edge is now available in hardcover purchase at Warwick's!  Yay for the hugely popular and renown local bookstore! http://www.warwicks.com/
  • warwicks_splash_02 (1)
  • Interviewed by a few well-known sites for the book and upcoming book two.  INTERVIEW HERE: http://awesomegang.com/matthew-wolf/
  • The Knife's Edge  is VERY soon, as in breaths away (and by breaths I mean like a month, ETA November 30, 2013) to be re-released with grammar fixes, added scenes, and more, and discounted at 99 cents! (In celebration of book 2's completion!) 5.99 -> .99 for those non Math Majors, so make sure to spread the word when that happens.
  • Lastly, if you haven't heard, or didn't read the above post: BOOK TWO is done!  The sequel to The Knife's Edge (title TBA) is currently in the editing phase with Beta Readers, and Copy Editors.
  • Lastly lastly, signing at Mysterious Galaxy in Clairemont on the horizon.  Be in San Diego for it!
  So all in all, life's not bad, in fact I'd go far as to venture that it's more than good.  How's yours?  Great is your response BTW, I'll accept nothing less (fantastic is also acceptable). So that's the news, but much more to come.  Right now I'm just up to my neck in revisions with both book one AND two.  It's arduous at times, but a better book is a better Matt, and a happier audience of course. The little rewards like Warwicks have been amazing.  More than that, the occasional good review  or personal message from a pleased fan have been real breaths of fresh air, appreciated and embraced.  Also, once book one's revisions are completed the discount should be immensely satisfying to see as we'll be plastering The Knife's Edge all over the internet: from a dozen top Kindle sites, to google, more reviews, guest blog posts, yada yada, you get the idea.   So lots on the horizon, but lots happening in the moment.  Which reminds me, I'm hoping to also post updates on things I learn as I write and work through this self-publishing process--so check back here for that as well. First lesson?  Breath and relax.  Working hard gets people places, stressing never did.  We'll see if I can learn that one as well. Second lesson, truly believe in yourself, picture the success of what you want vividly... You'll be surprised sometimes that 2-3 years down the road all the sudden you're there. Well, that's it for now.  More sooner hopefully rather than later! Sincerely your ever-eccentric neighborhood author, Matt Back To Ronin Saga Blog