October 04, 2013

My madness

Muahahah..... A cackle seemed an appropriate beginning to this post, and an equally appropriate ending is to show you just a small glimpse into the past 4 months of writing book two (TBA title) of The Ronin Saga.  Take note, this just a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the notes used to this point... (And a bigger picture of the "very rough" but still very awesome map of Farhaven, a world of magic.) If that aids my case of hard work or merely incriminates my eccentricity/madness, well, either way it was a good run. PicFrame (1) photo (23)     More pictures to come!  So don't forget to buy and review the book if you haven't already, (for purchase see links on the side page for Amazon/Kobo/iTunes and more!) Again, thanks all for the support, keep reading, spreading the word and keep an eye out for Book 2 on bookshelves, amazon and more.... after another six months of editing... AND THEN... be ready. Sincerely, Matthew Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog