September 22, 2013

Characters Quotes and More!


"A nearby glowing beetle floated near.  She reached out her hand and it landed upon her finger.  Through the intense shine, Gray could make out furry feelers, large pincers, and blue shell.   Frost-bugs Ayva had called them.  It and its brothers gave off a strange buzz, but rather than sound annoying or incessant, the varying buzzes created a kind of harmony—a quiet song even.

Ayva spoke, “The stories say there are infinite types of creatures in this world.  They say the elves attempted to name them all long ago, but it was just as likely to name all the stars in the sky—there’s simply too many.  These beetles glow when feeding, and they sustain themselves off the very air and magic of Farhaven—that glowing dust you see sometimes.  But normally they simply dwell in caves and have no glow.  I read once that their light is a defensive mechanism, but if you touch their feelers in just the right place…”  She touched it gently, and sure enough the insect’s glow vanished like a flame winking out.  Ayva smiled, but then in the silver light, a grave look crossed her face.  “Just as surely as there are creatures who are innocent like this one and feed only off the magic in the air, it only stands to reason that there are a thousand creatures out there who feed off more than just magic, and are much more dangerous.”  Again, she touched its feeler, its glow returned, and it flew away into the black abyss. " [segment from book 2 chapter 3] 



Dryan Dryan is the cold-hearted murderer of Karil's father and subverter of the throne of Eldas, home of the Elves, and Great Kingdom of Leaf.  His an elf shrouded in mystery, but he is at the very least an elf to be feared above all others for his fearsome intelligence is only matched by his prowess with a blade.  He plots a strange and ominous course for Eldas and its inhabitants--one that Karil will, no matter the costs, attempt to stop, for the sake of her Father and for the good of her home and her people.  (Picture courtesy of Kerem Beyit:  
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