September 12, 2013

Comic Con Ventura!

The Story of Comic Con Ventura

  Ah ha! Well, if you've been keeping up-to-date with us on facebook (and you should, tsk tsk, no excuses!)  Seriously, no excuses.  Go "like" the Ronin Saga now, buy the book and share it with the world.  Sometimes a strict hand or tough love is necessary.  And there is much love, and this weekend proved that...  So here it is, without furthur ado...

Day Numero Uno of Comic Con Central Coast - The Adventures of Matthew Wolf and the Ronin Saga, and Stuff (yeah, the title is a bit of a work in progress)

  On Saturaday, 4.AM I awoke, gracing this world with my grumbling towards the ungodly hour.  At 4:30 I then proce--(yes, we're assuming there was 30 minutes of cursing)-eded to get ready, load up the car to the brim with goodies, swag, t-shirts, caps, posters, and more... and books of course, and then we hit the road! 8:30: We arrived around 8sh, set up our booth rather quickly.  Here's a pic of it empty: empty booth And.... Vwallla! Full! me settingup   This is right before the chair was pulled from beneath me and I fell flat on my bum.  A good omen so I hear!  But we were all set up by 9:45, 15 minutes before the Convention opened.  Alas, it took a quick foray into the jungles of Ventura to secure us a table cloth from Ye Olde 99 cent Store.  But we did it. 10:00: Doors open!  And we are excited.  I've got my handy trusted agent behind me, and me, smiling face.  First table-goers mosey by us, but are snagged back, reeled in by my... I'd like to say charm, but I'm going to go with snazzy, dragon-filled cover illustrated by Noah Bradley himself. 10:05 Our first Sale (of the convention)!  A nice older couple purchase the book for their grandson Elliott (two l's two t's, no matter my infamously horrible spelling--I blame you spellcheck--I gotcha', don't worry). 10:50 10 books signed and sold!! Only 50 minutes in to a 2 day long, 20 hour long convention! Ah ha! *fingers crossed* I'm not sure what happened in the next 3-4 hours, it was fairly blurry until about 3-4 pm.  But I remember taking a picture with 20 books sold, and two empty boxes.  I was afraid i was going to run about before half the day was over... 4:00 Things slowed down, and a few people came over, but I spent a good few hours just chatting with people about the process of writing, and what my "process" consists of: aka, I'm more or less an eccentric hermit for 8 hours a day. The rest of the day was great, few funny highlights, but nothing to write home about save for a great friendship/rivalry between the one and only Vernon G Wells who was my booth neighbor/frenemy.  Here's a pic of him to scare you w/ Mel Gibson: IMG_0154 Ah, but as all things grow and change, so did our friendship grow and we set aside our bitter hate over Mel Gibson (Disclaimer: A 'The Road Warrior' jest, not a real hate.  It's really hard for me to hate the man who created Braveheart.) Here's friendship captured: IMG_0151

The next day [Day 2 of Comic Con Central Coast - The Adventures of Matthew Wolf and the Ronin Saga, and Stuff, plus awesome people] (remember, title is WIP):

10:00 AM - 6 PM :  WE SOLD ALL OUR BOOKS AHH!  That's it.  No more stories. I'm just going to show you a mini-slideshow of some awesome fans including a 16 year old girl whose fierce intelligence made me quiver in fear of potential on-the-spot edits, and a badass Jedi with orange eyes, and more! IMG_0182 IMG_0177 IMG_0168 IMG_0165   So thanks so much for coming out, the support is endlessly appreciated, and I can't wait to do it again! Stay tuned here and on for future engagments on the neigh horizon!! Much heart from your neighborhood author and eccentric writer,

Matthew Wolf

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