August 21, 2013


Okay the title is a lie and misleading... also, Greetings!

  So you might have noticed a bit of a "hiatus", thus the title, but that's not entirely true. It was mostly just to wrap you in. While yes, i've been slacking quite heavily in the department of keeping you all informed on my life, updates on the book, signings, talks, new cool swag, giveaways, character and other inside info related tidbits..... *deep breath*.... I have been busy.  Hopefully the following news will allow you to forgive me my fault of silence: Book 2 (tentatively titled "A Fallen Hope") is currently 100 pages from finishing.  I am 550 pages in (already 100 pages longer than book 1) and it is without a doubt and forgive the 'technical' jargon... the shiznizzle of sequels. So life is good and I promise there is much more to come.  This is just a small post to let you all know that I haven't fallen into a pit or some other such disaster, and I definitely haven't forgotten you! Signed your friendly neighborhood author, Matt Wolf ~May the winds be with you~ *p.s. if you're waiting for something to do in the meantime prior to receiving book 2, or more cool info on the expanding saga, or simply are searching for my undying affection please buy "The Knife's Edge", the first book of the saga here and write me a review! Here's the link: Thanks and tell your friends! Back To Ronin Saga Blog