June 29, 2013

The Ronin Saga Giveaway ("A Selfie-Photo Contest")

The Ronin Saga Giveaway

July 29 - July 31st

Step 1 - Obtain a copy of The Knife's Edge - here's a link http://amzn.to/10rxlFh

Step 2  - Post a photo of you reading (the more ridiculous, outlandish, or just cool the better.  Get creative!)

Step 3 - Upload it to Ronin Saga FB page! 



*The winner of the contest will be announced on July 31st.  And the victor will chosen based on number of ‘likes’ and my own tyrannical-like predisposition. So get your friends to like it and share!

Have a chance at a bevy of cool prizes including: 30x 20x full color and B&W posters of the map of Daerval, mousepads, very cool R|S t-shirts, caps, author signed books, hardcover and paperback, eBooks, signed photos, and much much more!  So get your photo snapping skills on! Any questions feel free to ask them on www.facebook.com/roninsaga


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