June 20, 2013

British Accents... And Reviews

Allo! Top of the mornin' gov'nuh!  Ai' 'ope yer readin' this wit' a smile on yer face and a pip in your step as good news abounds! You might be wondering why i'm talking in a bygone stereotypical British accent, well no offense intended, I just thought it seemed appropriate in light of the goods news! The reviews are increasing (and most of them seem to be coming from the UK).

reviews 23 reviews 22

  Of course, this is only the beginning.  But great reviews so far for the most part, and I appreciate each one of them very much.  If you enjoyed it, please tell you friends about it. Every new fan, review, and rating means the world to me.* Side note/stipulation:  Before you review, you gotta' buy the book first.  I know I know, but it's pretty hard to review it otherwise.  I mean, I guess you could review without reading.  Hey, who am I to tell you what to do?  You could smear honey on yourself, then plaster "lucky rabbits" feet (foot?) on your body, and run into bear infested woods.  I would advise against it, of course.  Strongly.  (Don't do this).  But you could, is the point I suppose.  This is the freedom of free will.  Just as you have the sweet sweet free will to buy a book.  So wouldn't it just be easier to buy a book with an engaging story, lovable characters, and ripe with real humor and light amid darkness (unlike this silly post?).   Perhaps that's the better of the two choices.  Yes, don't worry, that's your only two options.  Bears or books.  Choose wisely.  It's a hard choice.  In the end, perhaps it's not free will but destiny.  Whoa.  Did I just blow your mind?  Shh shh, I already know that answer--twas' rhetorical. In the end, it is your destiny to buy and enjoy The Knife's Edge.  Not a bad destiny, eh? So thanks again for the reviews and keep them coming! Let's make this a movement! Sincerely your ever-eccentric affable neighborly author, Matt Wolf p.s. More fun news to come in these blogs including character insights for book two, and small snippets. p.p.s Don't forget! 600 likes on www.facebook.com/roninsaga and we will have a contest for RS Swag! Back To Ronin Saga Blog