June 09, 2013

Warwicks and more! The Book Rises!

First off, a huge thanks to all who came to Warwick's this Saturday! It was hugely appreciated and truly fun.  We sold over two boxes of books and was told "we made a record for local authors" several times over again.  As a result, it looks like we will be stocked in Warwick's (if all goes well!) *Crossing fingers* photo (21) Some highlights:  I asked several fans "What is your favorite fantasy book?" and one answered "Yours."  Perfect answer.  You're my new best friend, Thomas, thanks!  Also the first woman to buy the book told me she was around 84, which is pretty cool on its own (I wasn't kidding about the "all ages" schtick.  Target audience target smachdiency, right?).  Anyway, she bought the book and I was telling her about it, then the following conversation went something like this: Me: So you sound pretty well read.  Have you read any fantasies? Her: Oh yes yes, I read that one... it was before Harry Potter... what was it called... Me:  *Hm, this is pretty wide open, but I got this.*  Was it Lord of the Rings? Her:  Oh no, I don't think so.  But it had something about a golden ring of power, and dark lord and... Well anyway... Me:  (In my head) *Dang it.  I wish I knew what that was....* All in all though, an amazing time, great turn out and can't wait to do it again.  And next time hopefully do a wee bit of a reading!  That definitely is in the running for my favorite thing, save for just chattin' to people about the book and the process.  It's truly fun to connect with people and see new fans just pick it up and buy it right then and there... Next step: Barnes and Noble signing.  Expect that somewhere around late June, early July if all goes according to plan. So thanks again all and keep an eye out here and on RS facebook for more to come! Giveaways, signings, and all that good stuff. Sincerely, you ever-eccentric writer, Matt Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog