June 03, 2013

Thanks Earl Warren!

Hallo! Well, thanks Ms. Shoppe's class (and Ms. Shoppe) and I guess by proxy, Earl Warren Middle School!  You guys were a fantastic bunch.  Couldn't ask for a better group of interested, intelligent soon-to-be fans.  Join the dark side aka RS.  We have cookies. Also, keep your eye peeled as I will be doing giveaways and other awesome prizes, and of course more talks.  *Granted, many of the giveaways will be a sort of book-related treasure hunt, or something along that line.  (i.e. taking pictures of you reading the book in the most creative, outlandish but safe way, and the coolest one wins big Ronin Saga swag/prizes)  #winning. Lastly, don't forget!   June 8th, Warwick's signing for The Knife's Edge!! Also, if you haven't (and have a fbook) go like www.facebook.com/roninsaga Otherwise, don't forget to snag a book ;) It would make my day, just saying. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Knifes-Edge-Ronin-ebook/dp/B00CAWXIPU/ And feel free to ask questions here, there, or anywhere! Much heart, you ever-eccentric author, Matt Wolf

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