June 02, 2013

A Reunion of Sorts

Well... After 14 years, nearly half my age and the time I've been alive on this grand hunk of earth, I am returning to a den of learning, my old middle school Earl Warren. ewmspic Monday, June 3rd, I return in a reunion of sorts to my old stomping grounds to give a "speech" (really just a casual talk) about the book, my writing, and following your passions. Excited to spread the word and hopefully entice others on the exciting path of writing... Or just on pursuing your dreams.  That's good too I suppose Side note: My 8th grade year was perhaps the pinnacle of all things...  I definitely peaked.  No just kidding, that would be awkward.  But seriously, Earl Warren was a fantastic school and excited to go back and see how it feels & what it looks like. Back To Ronin Saga Blog