May 28, 2013

Character Quotes and All Those Goodies

Well hello again, How fairs your day?  It has to be good.  Why you ask?  Because you're reading this blog.  Is that conceited? Or perhaps I'm merely commenting on the joy of reading and not on my writing per say.  (Okay okay, you caught me - perhaps I was inferring the later.)  Well, in that vein, here's some more stuff to read to start us off on the return of COW and QOW! First, here's a quote from the book from Vera!  (*Granted, I'd say this isn't restrictive to just women.  Many a man has been known to be quite beyond reasoning, especially from one time to another.) ws_Sand_dunes_1600x1200   Bonus, here's a quote I like a lot.  It means a lot to me, though I won't go into all that business here! Grape_leaf       I'll be doing Character's and Quotes of the Week(ish) from the book (and some stuff that isn't in the books yet) once again! If you don't know what that is... well, really? Honestly, it's pretty self-explanatory so I'll assume you are just being contrary or argumentative.  In which case, I like your sass.  So watch here for your daily dose of the Ronin Saga. -Matt Back To Ronin Saga Blog