May 20, 2013

Questions! The ole' Q&A

Hello there!  Good morning! If it's not morning for you, and you are reading this at another time.... Shame on you.  Comon', we all know you should be hunched over your screen, hitting the refresh button with the zeal of a sober pirate searching for rum. (Hey, a metaphor is a metaphor, don't judge, just nod.) Anyway, I recently got a question via Facebook that I found very interesting.  It was a more or less standard question about "How to write a fantasy," with the emphasis of "ARggahalfah, whhhhhaaa, fantasies are so darn long!" and, in some cases, arduous (specifically an epic fantasy with multiple books). And if you know me, and have seen any of my talks, then you know Q&A is my favorite part.  I think because I love being purely in the moment with people, and there's nothing prepped--it's as real and direct as I can be. So here it is (and transcript below pic): Questions and Answers (Some of it was cut off, here it is again) Q [Martin]:  Hello! I'm 16 years old boy from Czech republic and I'm trying to write a fantasy book. But I thing it is really hard. I don't know how to write for example 250 pages... i have about 30. Could you give me some advices ?  Thank you! A [Me] : Hey Martin! Thanks for contacting me. It is hard! Well, you just have to start with word 1  Never think about how long you have to write for, or it will discourage you! Just start writing, get lost in your words, in your world--whatever that takes... Bring a notepad wherever you go and just write, and imagine. Think about characters, trees, cities, whatever pulls you and lights your imagination. Then put those ideas onto paper. And slowly, but surely you'll begin to feel a plot coming together. First and more important thing: love your story. If you do, all will fall into place. In the end, don't worry! Everyone starts somewhere. You just got to start putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and see where it takes you! Hope that helps! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, if you're writing a book, I do hope that brief brief bit helps.  But this post is also to mention that once the book is up and running, I am planning/in the works of creating a "Writing Advice" page, with the emphasis of "How I got to where I am as a first time self-published author, my trials, tribulations, and successes."  Okay...  It's a work-in-progress in title! Thanks for reading, and keep up-to-date like the pirates you all are at heart, Matthew Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog