May 13, 2013

Warwicks and The Rising Tide

Well hello there! Greetings and salutations.  Hey, before we start, this needs to be said.  Rule #247 to internet browsing: Do all your internet browsing with good tunes--it makes the experience truly delightful.  Also, (if your of age), a good beer, and of course setting.  I say this because while I normally write the book in a vacuum, which (I believe) forces the words of the book to be powerful enough to inspire a drug-induced feeling, or to invoke the sound of music from a truly moving scene (ideally), I am currently drinking a Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale, and listening to Alt-j. Here's the link!: Tis' a good song and a not-so-bad brew.  Okay, that aside, back to the book!  Collin and Ryan are here. Warwicks:
  • June 8th
  • La Jolla, 7812 Girard Ave, San Diego, CA 92037
Also, very exciting is what I'm deeming "The Rising Tide."  It's my fancy way of saying the book and the RS name is growing.  I'm so excited to see it.  Go check out and please 'share' the page!  It means so much.  And at over 250 likes now, we are growing faster than I ever imagined.  Also, 86,000 views in over 3-4 weeks... So thanks so much, and expecting more fun and silly posts here soon.  I'll always try to ride the beautiful line between pure professionalism and utter goofiness.  It's all about balance ;) Sincerely, Matthew Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog