April 05, 2013

Book Release Party Announced!

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  April 28th will be the Book Release Party for The Knife's Edge!! It will be held on the amazing and beautiful grounds of Rancho Valencia.  The guest list is still be formulated at the moment, and unfortunately it will be a limited event (I hope in the next few months to have a HUGE bash for all to come), alas this will be smaller. However, we just check out the site and it's breathtaking.  Held on the "Sunrise Patio" it's a large area, but small enough to feel cozy.  Tiled, with a fireplace, strings of hanging lights, and greenery everywhere, it truly fits the theme of the book and is amazing. We'll have so more "Elemental" themes to it... and we will of course spruce it up to style--with most importantly a table piled high with some of the first released books! I'll post more on this later, but I just wanted to let everyone know that i'm truly excited to celebrate the release and to see this all coming together... Yours, Matt Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog