March 07, 2013


  •  14 days (March 22nd)
  • 7 days (March 14th)
So I'd love to sit and rant about all that's happening and all that's being worked on including.... Get ready... Edits, primping the book, as well as working with the professional designer, composing and making it as polished-looking as possible, working with the cover artist who has been pouring weeks into what he has said he is "very proud" of and will be truly an enduring work of his, working on the site to make sure the launch will have a link to buy the book, include artwork like the map, author photo, character bios, and more... AND LASTLY (*takes deep breath*) getting the book out to a long, long, long list of reviewers/bloggers that has been composed with the help of my marketing guru Ryan Wilson.  This last one, is a very important step.  Granted, it's all important to me ;) To sum how I'm feeling?  Determined.  Truly excited, if tempered, but mostly determined.  I want to give you all the best product possible... and after 8 years, I want to do it right.  That being said, I truly should get back to working on all of that before it piles up even more. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask on fbook or here.  Once the book is out, I'll be far more active on blogging and twitter (that's a promise!) So in the end, get ready for the book, and if you can in the mean time, please share and like: or donate to: Simply put, I can't wait. Thanks all for the support.  It is truly hard to put into words (that aren't trite) its importance to me. Yours truly, Matt Back To Ronin Saga Blog