October 16, 2012

Saturday LA Conference

So as www.facebook.com/roninsaga has indicated, I'll be attending the upcoming Writer's Digest 2012 conference in Hollywood. I'm excited about this prospect as not only will i have a chance to hear several great topics including how to make the best most sellable, professional e-books to coincide with the printed versions of the book, and how to truly brand your name, as well as a myriad of other topics; BUT, most importantly, I will have the creme de la creme, holy grail moment to meet the very best agents and publishers in the business and sell AKA "pitch" the book to them... for THREE hours. What am I feeling about this?  Calm, resolute excitement.  Presenting the book in this abstract, impassive way called queries is like shooting an arrow into soup-thick mist and hopping to hit your target.  Blind and with the odds of a lightning strike, you rely only on intuition and quiet professionalism.  Now?  It's not too different, except you get to show who you are on a whole new level. Again, knock on wood, but we'll see if i can dish out some charisma, passion, and true grit to convey what the book truly is. Back To Ronin Saga Blog