September 14, 2012

Choose your name!

Dear Yet-to-be-Named-Fans, Hello!  How does it feel to be identity-less?  Pretty frustrating I'm sure.  Frustrating, if you knew who you were.  But you don't.  So you wander, you grope aimlessly, your mouth moves, but no words form.  Sad yes, but I have your salvation.  Avert that gaze.  You know the one.  It stares blankly into the mirror, fingertips running down and smudging the clean glass as your empty visage glares back... Instead look this way! Towards the light that is... a simple poll.  A poll that will name you with whatever name your so desire to fill you with purpose and direction.  Or just simply to fill a small span of boredom as you surf between instagram, facebook and (possibly) twitter. Imagine, if you will, you are standing upon one knee.  Above you, a man, or woman holds a gleaming blade ready to dub thee.  And with that, I give you, "What should a Ronin Saga fan be called?" Check it out:

It takes a total of 3 seconds.  Don't worry, I counted.  If you don't have three seconds?  Well, then I think you might need to make a quick assessment of your life, cuz' three seconds aint' a whole lot. A few choices from the survey include... A) Roninites B) Ronies C) Bronin D) Ronins E) Other Ideally, it should be a name that is simple and catchy, so when the media dubs us, it rolls off the tongue... Yet ultimately, it's up to you! Should it be funny, quirky, serious, BA, or all the above?
You decide... Lastly, those who vote will be selected at random for a chance to win R|S swag! Including, shirts, hats, mousepads, stickers, keychains, and more! Of course, the individual who decided the winning 'name' will have their choice at some cool book gear and one of the first copies of the short story in hardcover. So go choose now!  Or don't, if you don't have three seconds... (But seriously, three seconds!? This post took me a two hours to write.  Err, I probably shouldn't publicize that, eh?  Oh well, it's my blog.  I blame the pictures.  I can't use HTML to save my life.  Or another person's... So let's just hope we're not in some "Saw"-like scenario where your life hangs in the balance based on my HTMLing skillz.) Until next time! Matthias
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