September 11, 2012

Dreams of a Reaver!

"Gripping the bundle to her chest, Miriam ran.   The smell of warm bread was sharp in her nose as she tore down the desert street of Farbs.

Hawkers and merchants cried out as she created a wave of dust in her wake, but she paid them little heed as she pressed through the throngs.  The marketplace was always a place of chaos.  Today, however, it seemed even more so.  It reminded her of the charged hum she felt before a coming storm...."

  "Dreams of a Reaver" is set in the world of Farhaven (the setting for much of Book Two of the Ronin Saga).  It follows Miriam, a young girl living in the desert land of Farbs who desires more than anything to become a Reaver--the feared and respected powerful wielders of the Spark.   Though she is too old, she is given a rare chance to pass the Trial to determine if she has the Spark. Yet when she encounters Logan, a true Reaver of unimaginable power, she finds the moment she had waited all her life for is not what she had expected... Betrayal, strife, mystery, and characters of duty and power run rampart through this momentary glimpse into the world of the Ronin Saga. Like now for a chance to read it and find out more!!  Also sharing is caring ;) So share away, and vastly increase your odds of being one of the lucky few to read this story before it hits the shelves. Back To Ronin Saga Blog