September 11, 2012

Script for a New Youtube Video -- The Life of a Writer

Just finished a script for a new Youtube video that details the two paths of Gray, our main character, and yours truly. In short, the story tells a bit about a writer's life.  I go into the actual process of writing a book, as well as the mishaps along the way--including how I managed (or didn't managing) schooling while trying to conquer a truly (hopefully) epic 700 page fantasy... and how thousands of pages went to the wayside along the way. All the while, it blends with Gray's path as he travels through the world of Daerval and recaps some moments in his quest as a hero of this Saga, including HIS many.... many... many trials and tribulations. What is interesting to me is how similar our two lives were, almost unbeknownst to me at the time.  I guess I was, perhaps cathartically, writing a allegory for my life.  Yet also the dissimilarities are equally fascinating.  One wonders (as I'm writing my character into deeper and deeper holes, wondering how he would escape), if his means of escape and the tools he uses to overcome his hurdles were an attempt at a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy to overcome my own hurdles.  For example (speaking figuratively): I would toss Gray in a pit, then throw him a rope, and hope I climbed out too... All in all, there are many realizations I had in writing this, and I'm sure there is much more I can pull out of it, but my main hope is that it enlightens and unveils to soon-to-be readers some of the world I have created, as well as connects my readers to me in a truthfully raw manner.  And lastly, i hope it helps others in their own journeys--whether that is writing or something completely different ;) Your neighborhood writer, M.L. Wolf Back To Ronin Saga Blog