August 02, 2012

A Picture is worth a Thousand (or two thousand) Words :)

So clever titles aside, nearly 2000 hits in 3 days and growing! I'm really excited. All props go to you guys and gals, so thank you.  Really.  That said, let's keep it up! Remember the best way to ensure a 'like' is to:
  • Tell a friend, family member, or even if you're audacious and have the 'gift of gab' a random person.  Make sure to tell them specifically to like it, and for them to do the same for the next person and so on!  Thus the chain begins.
So, #Taftaf away! Your neighborhood author, Matt p.s. If anyone needs business cards I just got... a ton.  So let me know and feel free to hand those out :) Back To Ronin Saga Blog