August 01, 2012

Spreading the Roots and TAFTAF

Just as the title says, what makes a movement a movement? I've been pondering and contemplating this for hours upon days upon... well all 7 years of the book, but MUCH more recently of late, and i've concluded several things that I believe will truly help spread the word of the Ronin Saga:
  1. First and most important, content.  An amazing book.  Check (hopefully). But of course, the Catch-22 is that the book isn't out yet, so how do i generate interest and content without that?  Well, that's my job.  i.e. info on characters, fun events, quotes, anything and everything I can do to provide lots of entertaining content and never "fluff".  Also, who "I" am.  I don't have the book, but I have me (a poor substitute surely).  Yet the thing to take from this is I want and need to stay connected to you all.  So ALWAYS feel free to send me e-mails, PM's, comments or anything else.
  2. TAFTAF.  What the heck is this?  Simply put, "Tell A Friend to Tell A Friend."  I realized that while a share is amazing, it has the potential to hit a roadblock.  How many people just look at a post and go: "Oh that sounds like a cool book...." *then proceed to click on the next picture of a kitten, or some such thing*.  I don't blame them, but to really spread the word.. We need to tell ONE (or two or three), SPECIFIC person (usually someone who is cool and close) and go: "Hey yo, Tim, can you like this page? And after, tell Jane she should do the same thing, and tell someone as well."  This will truly spread the word, i believe. (And hopefully they like good books).
  3.  Lastly, lots of book talks etc to come!
So again! You guys have been AWESOME.  But let's begin the TAFTAF! So tell your friends. And fell free to e-mail me, text me, if you want to help, have critique or advice, or just even want talk and i'll be here as much as possible. mdwolf8 [at] Matt Back To Ronin Saga Blog