July 30, 2012

The "Like" Page is up!

All right, so i've probably posted like 100 variations of this already (and this is normally the place i'll rant and write but...  Here it is, short and sweet: 


I'm pretty proud of it.  The flaming "R S" turned out far better than one would expect considering I made it, and I have the same photoshop skillz as a 10-year-old or a talented primate. So check it out and like the page, any and all and have a chance to win sweet Ronin Saga gear/swag! Your neighborhood author, Matt Oh! Don't forget to "Share" the page.  Few people have started.  If you share, you are awesome(er).  And it really gets the word out to those I don't know, and ultimately, gets this movement that much bigger.  Let's set this thing ablaze! Back To Ronin Saga Blog