July 20, 2012

Toastmasters Round 2

So this time... Toastmaster: "Okay, so this is the part where guests may stand up and speak a few words if they wish..." *long pause* No one gets up. Me: *in my head, looking around* Hmm, no one? Well then, it's up to me i guess. Go time! *I slid back my chair and rise, all eyes drawn to me. With a deep breath I ready speech numbero dos, and just like last time, ready for the aftermath: the swaying of hearts, thunderous applause and the obvious kissing of infants brows. Me (still): "Ahem... I..." *at this point the toastmaster continues speaking reading off a card after an extremely overdrawn pause* Toastmaster: "Evelyn, if you would like to say a few words?" Me: "..." *And i gracefully smile and bow out accompanied by some laughter, applause, and a back rub by a nice lady for my extra-exuberance* Granted, i semi-redeemed myself when i was called again, and I played off my enthusiasm, but all in all, a pretty good round 2 speech. I think im really getting these 10 second speeches down. I'll be speaking (for real) next time. Back To Ronin Saga Blog